AI powered communications should be designed to feel more like the chat between these two old Italian guys, and less like bland impersonal robotalk. They allow businesses to create a more personal, engaging experience. AI comms also provide a great deal of other benefits from time savings to new insight generation. See below for more on AI for your communications and marketing challenges.


AI for your communications and marketing challenges

Marketing and communications teams are under constant pressure to feed the content machine. From social media to internal campaigns, getting your message seen requires both high quality and a high quantity of materials. Social media adds to these demands. Hootsuite recommends posting on Twitter 3 - 5 x per day 5 x per day on LinkedIn.

You may be experiencing one or more of the following areas of challenges:

  • Not enough time to generate the quantity of content needed
  • Need for a consistent and quick source of easily digestible short form content, for use on social media and internal channels
  • Need for new content to share knowledge and news on key topics
  • Need for content to stimulate engagement and interaction
  • Need for relevant and fresh emailing and messaging content
  • Need to optimize materials already invested in and created


How AI powered communications can help you

Used to create, speak and analyze written, spoken and visual materials, AI provides a number of benefits to many organizations. AI powered communications often can be working 24/7 saving you time and generating new insights from AI powered analysis. Rapidly increasing in practical areas of application, AI can power a number of processes and services to help you improve both customer and employee experience. Below are a few examples of how AI serves communication needs.

Content generators

One of the lesser known tools, AI content generators offer enormous support in keeping up with the demands of creating new content. A timesaver, AI content generators help teams to produce new material and revise existing. Usually indistinguishable from human generated pieces. AI content continues to rapidly improve. Some topics are more suited to AI content generation than others and human editing is still needed, but it can be a great time saver.

  • Marketing materials
  • Blog posts
  • Product descriptions
  • Tweets and social media headings
  • Email letters
  • Internal campaigns
  • White papers


Chatbots/virtual assistants

One of the newer areas of AI in communications is to use AI to help you create your content. AI content generation can be used to create a number of types of content which currently requires significant human time and effort, including:

You've probably interacted with a chatbot or virtual assistant (think Siri, Alexa, or typing into a chat window to inquire about your bank account balance or your mobile phone service). Your chatbot experience may have been positive. It may have provided you quickly with the information you needed. Or it may have been annoying, not responding well to your questions and making you lose more looking for what you want.

Defining goals and asking the right questions at project initiation helps to ensure that you received the desired rewards from your chatbot investment. If planned and managed properly your chatbot can help both your customers and employees.



Customer facing chatbots

Chatbots have improved quite a bit, but also have a lot of room to grow. Despite the currently mixed reviews on the chatbot experience, they are around to stay and if planned and managed properly they can provide enormous benefits including:

  • Freeing up employees from repetitive tasks, allowing them more time and energy for higher value work
  • Reducing wait times for customers and suppliers seeking information
  • Reduced customer effort, increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced services costs
  • Providing data to analyze for customer satisfaction, areas of interest and areas of confusion
  • Personalized customer messaging

Internal chatbots for employees

The same benefits that many businesses tap into, to serve their customers can be applied to their employees. Internal chatbots are not nearly as common as customer facing bots, but they can be used in the same way. In addition, internal chatbots serve to:

  • Helping employees find needed resources and documentation
  • Answering HR related questions (e.g. training, benefits, vacation days)
  • Onboarding support
  • Servings as a hub for needed tasks (e.g. meeting room reservation, guest registration, retrieving lost passwords) saving needed time for employees making the request and employees who must fulfill it
  • Targeted messaging for different employee groups
  • Employee surveys

More questions about how AI communications can benefit your business?