Transforming your written content to audio files

Our AI-generated voice files offer you a new option to share your content, a way for your clients to listen to your information, when reading is not possible. With the aid of AI voice generation we provide high-quality audio that is far more cost-effective than working with voice actors.

Our process allows saves you time from generating your files yourself, screening the best voices available at the moment and working with a proprieary process to correct some of the errors that AI voice generators can make.

Follow the following steps and then we will get your file back to you within 2 business days.

  1. Fill out your contact details
  2. Paste your content
  3. Choose your voice
  4. Optional: upload recorded samples of proper name pronunciation
  5. Place your order
  6. Receive your audio file within 2-3 business days.


  1. Fill out contact details: Let us know who would should contact if we have any questions, we will email the audio file or provide a link to download to the email address provided.
  2. Past your content: Our voice generator will read the content as pasted. In order to make it more listenable and the information easier to retain, we strongly recommend including only the main body of the text and any needed headings. Elements such as table of contents, footnotes, urls, image captions, charts, tables, and graphics, often do not work well being read aloud. We want to create a podcast-like audio file that is easy to listen to and flows.
  3. Choose your voice from among our latest vetted samples. ( Insert clickable audio files here)
  4. Do you have proper names that you want to get right? From humans, to business names to product names, AI Voice generation may not read these names well. To improve the output, please upload a clear short recording that we can use for guidance in name pronunciation. Keep in mind that the name will still be read with the accent of the language of the selected voice, so may not sound as the name would in its native language, if that is different from the selected voice.
  5. For customized options, such as reading charts, tables, or any non-standard text, contact us for price options.
  6. Submit your content and place your order, we accept payments by paypal.
  7. Your file will be completed and emailed to you within 2-3 business days.
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Contact us to include additional items such as charts or image captions.
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need plug in that accepts audio files Do we want to limit number proper names? Or sa y up to 5 names included, each additional costs X euros?